The Girl with the Pearl Earring

Oil on Panel
6" x 6"
Inspired by Vermeer's original Girl With the Pearl Earring, I was inspired to try an updated version of that girl.

Little Red

Oil on Panel
6" x 6"

Girl Nouveau

Oil on Panel
8" x 10"
This portrait of my neighbor's grandaughter inspired the reference to Art Nouveau. She is on the cusp of leaving home, going to college, and beginning her life...a new girl. She seems brave to me as she starts out on her new path.


Oil on panel
8" x 10"
Private Collection

This handsome feline, Georgie, was a beloved pet. He died leaving broken hearts in his wake. The owners asked me to create this portrait of Georgie in his memory. Their thank you note to me was so kind...
"...We can't thank you enough for the wonderful portrait of Georgie...Your painting will be cherished by us and displayed in our home as a loving tribute to his memory. You captured his spirit perfectly, and we couldn't be more touched by your kindness." 
- J.B.
"...the union of your impressive talent with Georgie's gentle spirit has produced the perfect portrait. Thank you! Know that your work lifts our spirits each day."
- S. 


The Gorski Children

Pastel on Paper
16" x 20"

I have had the honor of painting these beautiful children...the grandchildren of a wonderful friend of mine. The painting was a surprise gift to my friend from her daughter, whom I have known since she was a little girl, and her son-in-law. After not having seen my friend's daughter for many years, she was in from Minneapolis and we met at a charming little french cafe to discuss the painting and to catch up on our lives. It was such a great experience to work on this ...I was sorry to see it end.


Red Bow on the Bright Side

8" x 10"
pastel on paper

The venue where my painting was hanging called on Saturday afternoon and said they had a buyer for my painting and said that the buyer wanted to talk to me. A delightful lady from Dixon , IL, got on the phone with me and told me how much she loved the drawing...it had a very special emotional meaning for her. We chatted for a few minutes about how I was from Davenport, Iowa, and quite often had been through Dixon on my way back and forth from Chicago and Lake Geneva. It was so nice to make another "midwest connection"! I know the "Red Bow" has a good home with a very special lady in Dixon.


Tulips and Hypericum

Oil on Panel
6" x 6"

Some beauty bought at the grocery store...couldn't resist. Do you think I have just a little spring fever?

Birches at Sunset

oil on panel
8" x 10"

Because I live in a neighborhood called "the Birches", I thought I would try my hand at this Daily Paintworks challenge. I'm trying to loosen up my style and had fun with this challenge. What do you think?



If You Have A Dog..

"If you have a dog, you will most likely outlive it; to get a dog is to open
yourself to profound joy and, prospectively, to equally profound sadness."
Marjorie Garber

“Once you have had a wonderful dog, a life without one, is a life diminished.” 
Dean Koontz, A Big Little Life: A Memoir of a Joyful Dog

8" x 10"
Oil on Panel
© 2010 Mary McEneely

My dog, Bing. He was the very best dog that ever was. He was so loved and is so missed.


Comfort Zones

Today I'm looking at (or how about "feeling") discomfort. I've decided that it's good to feel discomfort and really get into it. It shakes, changes, illuminates, destroys, creates, limits, expands, rattles, and pushes.

It's inevitable, and necessary but we try to avoid it. Embrace it, live it, and move on. Change your thinking, change your colors, change your view, change your life. Go back or don't go back. Push yourself. Move forward. Learn something new. Describe something only with color. Describe something only in terms of shape. Make an uncomfortable phone call. Give a speech...who doesn't feel uncomfortable giving a speech?! (even if it's only to your dog). Paint with a color that you hate.  Be uncomfortable. Get messy.
I'm working on a landscape (not my usual subject and certainly not my favorite) using colors that I'm not crazy about. I'm uncomfortable. More to follow.


Still Life

8 x 10
Oil on Panel
$125.00 (framed) 
2012 © Mary McEneely


Good Girl

Oil on Canvas
2012 © Mary McEneely

A few summers ago I saw this woman walking through downtown Lake Geneva "walking" her dog. A small group of people had formed around her to look at her puppy. I asked her if I could photograph her then and came across the photo recently. I still remember the heat of that day and thought this painting a good way to start off this summer.


Virginia Bluebells

6" x 8"
Oil on Linen on Foamboard
2012 © Mary McEneely
As is everywhere, spring in Walworth County, WI, is in full bloom. The bluebells are gorgeous.

Jones Farm, Walworth County, WI

8 x 10
Oil on Gessoboard
$100.00 (unframed)
2012 © Mary McEneely


Hot Chocolate

8" x 8"
Oil on Gessoboard
Warm wishes for a most Merry Christmas to all!


"The Bull"

8" x 10"
oil and gold foil leaf on gessoboard
Mary McEneely  ©  2011

Painting using gold leaf has been done for centuries. Using modern materials, this painting began with applying gold leaf foil onto Ampersand gessoboard. The gold leaf foil was then sealed and the painting began. The oil paint was applied over the gold leaf with some of the gold still peeking through the image of the bull. The piece was then varnished, protecting the entire piece. Here is how the painting looks framed:

This painting has been donated to The Children's Heart Foundation auction to be held in Winnetka, Illinois, in February, 2012.



6" x 6"
Oil on Ampersand Gessoboard

A modern day Jean Valjean from Victor Hugo's Les Miserables.


"Armchair Traveler"

Oil on Canvas 30 x 40 
Mary McEneely © 2011

Captured my husband at a friend's house relaxing, looking through a photography journal belonging to his friend. It was so good just to see him really take a moment (rarely taken) and loose himself in thought. He is usually in constant motion and rarely sits still. He even jumps up and goes outside when there is a commercial on TV. I'm entering this one in the current Lake Geneva Art Association Exhibit (GLAA), "Life's Rhythms: A People's Choice Award Exhibit"...we'll see what happens.

Please email me if you have questions or are interested in purchasing this painting or any of my other paintings at marymceneely@gmail.com.

You may view this painting and others on the Geneva Lake Art Association website by clicking here


"Morning Break"

8.5 x 11
colored pencil on paper
$150.00 (framed)



20" x 22"
(unframed gallery-wrapped canvas)
Oil on Canvas
2011©Mary McEneely

$125.00 + tax & and shipping 

Works by Edgar Allan Poe is the focus of "The Big Read" sponsored by the National Endowment for the Arts. Inspired by "The Raven" by Poe, I decided to try my hand at a raven (blackbird) that landed on the fountain outside my door.


"Them Apples"

5" x 7"
oil on panel
2011© Mary McEneely

Sometimes you just gotta' do something simple.


"Make A Wish"

8" x 10"
oil on panel
2010 ©Mary McEneely

What runs through the mind of a four-year-old as he makes a wish on his birthday? My nephew,  Connor,  takes the wishing very seriously.



8" x 10"
pastel on pastel board

The farm at the end of our road changes daily. On warm days it seems the cows choose this northern pasture as it has old oak trees that provide cool shade in which they can graze. I think they plan in the morning to go to this pasture and have a "Picnic" later in the day. I happened by one summer day and caught them at their picnic.

(This painting was donated to The Children's Heart Foundation and was sold at auction. The new owner of this painting is a founding member of the Mend-A-Heart Foundation.)


"Carly" (study)

6" x 6"
oil on masonite

I am planning a large painting of my beautiful niece, Carly, but wanted to do this small study first.

(This painting was awarded Third Place in the Oil category in the Geneva Lake Art Association (GLAA) "The People's Choice Award" Exhibit. Thanks to all who voted for my painting.)

"First Flower"

18" x 24"
gouach on masonite
(nod to Klimt)

Love, love, love Gustave Klimt! Tried to get the feel of his beautiful paintings.


"When We Dance"

15" x 30"
oil on canvas

This painting of a delightful young married couple who are friends of one of my sons, has been juried into the "Real People" show at the Old Court House Arts Center in Woodstock, Illinois, and can be viewed in person during August and September.


"Reflecting on Flight Times"

16" x  22"
oil on canvas

This young fifteen year old boy, the son of a painting buddy, posed for a life drawing session. I found out from his mother that about two weeks after our session, he shaved off all of his beautiful red hair!

"July 1931"

26"  x  30"
oil on canvas

Loved painting this from an old family photo. The boy on the right of the painting is my husband's uncle and will be celebrating his 90th birthday in September. He has had a wonderful life to date and has travelled the world for all of his life. More paintings of this fascinating man to come.

"Golden Girl"

18" x 24"
pastel on canson

It was a hot, sticky day when the granddaughter of a painting friend posed for this painting. At the end of a long morning, she had had enough "posing" and I was able to capture her in this more relaxed position. I think the use of pastels adds a wonderful quality to her already velvet skin.

(This painting won First Place in the Pastel/Graphite/Colored Pencil/Pen & Ink category in the Geneva Lake Art Association (GLAA) "The People's Choice" Exhibit. Thanks to all who voted for my painting.)


"The Dress"

20 x 24
oil on masonite

I am so proud of my beautiful niece, Ellie. She was married in her home with just a few family members in attendance and she chose this beautiful blue dress as her wedding dress. She was so lovely on that day as she always is. She is a beautiful young woman, both inside and out, and has married a wonderful man, Kevin. I wanted to capture her unique style and grace with this painting.

The Sisters
oil on canvas
36x 40
In Concert
oil on Canvas
30 x 36