Comfort Zones

Today I'm looking at (or how about "feeling") discomfort. I've decided that it's good to feel discomfort and really get into it. It shakes, changes, illuminates, destroys, creates, limits, expands, rattles, and pushes.

It's inevitable, and necessary but we try to avoid it. Embrace it, live it, and move on. Change your thinking, change your colors, change your view, change your life. Go back or don't go back. Push yourself. Move forward. Learn something new. Describe something only with color. Describe something only in terms of shape. Make an uncomfortable phone call. Give a speech...who doesn't feel uncomfortable giving a speech?! (even if it's only to your dog). Paint with a color that you hate.  Be uncomfortable. Get messy.
I'm working on a landscape (not my usual subject and certainly not my favorite) using colors that I'm not crazy about. I'm uncomfortable. More to follow.